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Pukhovichi Food Factory

Established in 1926, Pukhovichi Food Factory holds a solid market niche in the Belarusian wine industry.

The company produces fortified and highly alcoholic fruit wines, premium-quality wines, wine stock and fermented and distilled juices.

The company’s fruit wine is marketed under the SONAS brand.

The brand portfolio includes 10 descriptions of fruit wines sold in standard bottles of 0.5 and 0.7 litres, the alcohol content is 18-19% and the sugar content is 50-120g/dm3.

Our products are distinguished by original taste and high quality. We are constantly working on diversifying our brand portfolio. Our new products include:

- Belaya Vezha
- Vermouth Slavyansky
- Belorusskaya Dubrava
- Pripyat
- Belorusskoye
- Vyaskovaye Zalatistaye
- Expromt premium quality wine

In 2009 a number of new products hit the store shelves; among them were Klukvenny Aromat fruit wine with cranberry and Lubitelskoye wine with plump.

A strong focus on technical modernization and upgrade is among the factors underpinning the company’s success on Belarus’ wine market.

Pukhovichi Food Factory caters mainly to domestic consumers offering affordable prices and a flexible discount system. The company has all the necessary quality certificates.


21 Kalinina, Maryina Gorka, Minsk oblast, 222811, Belarus
Director: (801713) 52481
Marketing department: (801713) 42711
Fax: (801713) 52148