Grodno-based Nemanoff distillery produces liquors and fruit wines; the Vorochansk ethanol plant (Nemanoff’s branch) manufactures crude alcohol, rectified ethanol, and rye malt powder used in baking.

The company’s production facilities include one liquor production shop floor and two bottling shop floors; the Vorochansk branch has ethanol and malt production shop floors.

All Nemanoff’s vodkas are made using premium-quality rectified grain ethanol of Lux class and purified water. The finest quality ingredients combined with the expertise of the company’s personnel contribute to the great taste of each Nemanoff vodka.

“Vodka” is a diminutive form of the word “water” which was viewed as a source of life by the ancient Slavonic peoples. The taste of vodka, however, depends not only on its base – ethanol and water, but also on various flavourings.

As of 1 January 2009, the designed capacity of the enterprise was the following:
Vodka – 757,000 decalitres
Liquor – 174,000 decalitres
Fruit wine – 170,000 decalitres
Ethanol from food feedstocks – 244,000 decalitres (Vorochansk branch)

Solid rye ethanol – 840 tonnes (Vorochansk branch)

Rectified ethanol – 1,500 decalitres per day (Mir branch)
Kvass wort concentrate – 3,300 tonnes per day (Mir branch)

The company constantly expands its assortment range taking into consideration the results of consumer research. The product portfolio is renewed 20-35% every year.
In 2007 the company turned out Nemanoff Lux and Nemanoff with Currant Flavour vodkas in a souvenir package and a souvenir set of Serebryanye Rosy vodka. In 2008 the company launched the production of Nemanoff with Echinacea and Nemanoff with Ginseng vodkas.

In 2009 Svadebnaya vodka and Bravissimo cream liqueur hit the store shelves.


22 Vilenskaya, Grodno, 230023, Belarus

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Chief engineer: 72-07-74
Leading  corporate lawyer: 74-35-62
Sales and marketing department: 74-35-57
Procurement department: 72-27-28