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Minsk Sparkling Wines Factory

Minsk Sparkling Wines Factory is Belarus’ only company that has mastered the most complicated champagne and sparkling wine production process. It is by right considered the leader of the national wine-making industry.

Beginning 1978 the enterprise produces high-quality champagne and sparkling wines.

The wine stock is supplied from the countries similar to Champagne province by their soil and environmental conditions.

The company’s brand portfolio includes 30 descriptions of natural, fortified, sparkling and table wines.

The traditional favourite Soviet Champagne is an invariable attribute of any celebration. The champagne line-up is represented by the following brands:

Zolotoye Soviet Champagne
Khrustalnoye Soviet Champagne
Elite vintage Radziwill Soviet Champagne
Elite vintage Minskoye Soviet Champagne
Elite vintage Zolotoye Soviet Champagne

The company’s elite brands are made using only premium-quality wine stock and extended aging technology.

Sparkling wines like Soviet Sparkling, Troitskoye, Knyaz Lev Golitsyn, Knyaz Vitovt, Stolichnoye are made following the same technology used in champagne production, but the selection of grape varieties is wider.

Apart from champagne and sparkling wines, the enterprise can offer a wide range of natural and fortified wines, like:

- Merlot
- Saperavi
- Pinot Franc
- Cabernet
- Cabernet-Sauvignon
- Kadarka
- Chardonnay
- Aligote
- Sauvignon
- Riesling
- Isabella
- Lidiya
- Zemfira
- Port Prometeu
-  Kahor
- Port Moldavian White

In 2008 the company expanded its brand portfolio to include two new natural wines: Knyazheskoye red grape wine and Merula made from South African wine stock.

Over 30 years the demand for company’s products remains steady both in Belarus and abroad. The enterprise can boast a huge collection of awards, including 101 medals received at international exhibitions in Minsk, Yalta, Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Chisinau.

The company’s products are in compliance with STB ISO 9001-2001 certificates and HACCP.


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