Brest-based distillery Belalco is a major liquor producer in Europe. It is Belarus’ only enterprise that has an export history of over 30 years. Belalco products can be found in many countries across the globe.

The company is constantly expanding its assortment range. The products are made using traditional recipes and finest quality ingredients, including honey, spices and rare herbs of the Belovezhskaya Pushcha national reserve.

The Belarus’ consumer favourites include Berezovaya, Klenovaya, Vinogradnaya and Belarus Sineokaya vodkas, Zubrovka, Belovezhskaya and Vezha bitters, Berestye balm. Polyarnaya 45% and Pervach 56% are a number one choice in the vodka segment. All in all, the company produces over 30 descriptions of spirits.

The company has introduced ISO 9001 quality management system certified with the international and national certification systems in 1998 (by Bureau Veritas Certification, Germany, and the State Standardization Committee of Belarus).

In 1998 the company received its first quality excellence award of the Government of the Republic of Belarus; since then it was given this award three times. This high-quality brand was acknowledged well beyond Belarus. The enterprise was awarded numerous diplomas and medals at international exhibitions and contests. In 2008 alone, it received 8 golden, 3 silver medals and 14 diplomas.

Berezovaya vodka is the original Belarusian vodka. It was recognized Best Product 2002 and came second as the Best New Brand 2002. In 2001 it received a diploma of  Prodexpo-2001 exhibition for its package design. In 2003 the company became the laureate of Belarus’ Best Products 2003 competition. In 2004-2006 it amassed an impressive collection of medals and diplomas of national and international exhibitions and contests. This brand is a traditional favourite both in Belarus and abroad.

Klenovaya vodka is Belarus’ original vodka which has no analogues. It is made from high quality grain alcohol and maple syrup using a special technology giving it distinctive qualities. This brand was awarded numerous medals and diplomas at the most prestigious international fairs and competitions.

Vinogradnaya vodka has grape syrup in its compound. The vodka has a crystal glistening, neutral aroma and soft taste, giving it distinctive qualities. The innovative package design and a remarkable taste make this vodka a sophisticated treat. Vinogradnaya vodka is a unique product, as grape syrup is not used in any other vodka in the country.

Pervach vodka is a brand new product of the Brest distillery. Although its alcohol content is 56%, Pervach has an extremely mild taste and neutral aroma. This made this vodka a popular choice within the segment.


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