OAO Yeast Factory

OAO Yeast Factory is Belarus only producer of baker’s yeast. The production facilities of the company are located in Minsk and Oshmyany. Established 116 years ago, the company has a long history of strong and sustainable performance.


Compressed yeast (pre-packed in small squares of 100g, 1,000g)

Yeast is a unique natural source of B-complex vitamins, amino acids, nutrients and protein. The protein found in yeast is similar to that of meat, fish and milk. Yeast is the basic component of baking bread - the essential of any diet – for a reason.

Yeast is used in baking at industrial and small bakeries and at home, in cosmetology and production of alcoholic beverages.

Yeast is produced from ecologically safe ingredients using cutting-edge technologies.

Instant yeast (pre-packed in small packages of 10g, 250g and 500g).

The leavening power of this yeast variety is 45-50 minutes. It is produced in compliance with GOST 28483-90 standard. It is the yeast of choice for situations where long travel or uncontrolled storage conditions are likely. It is also perfect for small bakeries with fast-changing assortment range.

Rye malt unfermented;
Rye malt fermented

Rye malt is used in bread baking to make malt loafs. It helps reduce fermentation time, make bread fluffier and extend its shelf-life. It has good colouring properties which makes it an excellent natural alternative to artificial colouring agents.

The application of malt in bread baking improves the quality of bread and enhances its nutritional value.


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