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Krasnoberezhsky Starch Factory

Krasnoberezhsky Starch Factory specializes in potato processing, production of dry starch and caramel molasses.

The company’s major customers include bakeries, confectionaries, commercial enterprises and meat-packing factories.

The production of starch is a seasonal production operated in autumn and winter.

Starch products obtained from plant raw materials (mainly corn and potato) have a variety of applications. Food industry uses both starch and starch derivatives. Molasses, for example, is a base for making caramel, it is used in the production of confiture, jams, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Molasses prevents the crystallization of sucrose and makes it homogeneous and transparent. Molasses with a higher content of reducing agents (up to 70%) is often used in baked goods and preserves as sugar substitute.

Papermaking is the largest non-food application for starches. Starch and its derivatives are used to make coated paper, cardboard and paper containers. The production of asbestos, paints and matches is another common application of starch. Other uses include leathermaking, printing, pharmaceutical, tobacco, construction and other industries. Swelling starch and dextrin are still used in foundry production. Starch and its derivatives can be used in ore benefication and bauxite purification, oil exploration and coal washing. Those are just a few example of industrial and non-industrial application for starch products.

At present the company is reconstructing its caramel molasses production line. After the reconstruction is complete, the enterprise will be able to produce up to 10,000 tonnes of starch per year which is 60% of the demand of the country’s confectionaries for this type of molasses.


4 Zavodskaya Street, Krasny Bereg village, Zhlobin region, Gomel oblast, 247232, Belarus
Phone: (02334) 9-94-47, 9-96-94, 9-94-18