Mashpishcheprod was established over 25 years ago. At present the company’s core activities include potato processing, making potato products, malt and fried seeds.

The enterprise also manufactures food processing equipment. The customer loyalty has been built on a combination of traditions, new recipes, cutting-edge technologies and selected raw ingredients.

Mashpishcheprod offers:
- dried potato puree;
- semi-finished products for making snacks;
- rye malt;
- finished potato products (potato chips Belorusskie, Bravo, Originalnye, Lakomka);
- fried sunflower seeds;
- tailor-made equipment for food industry.

Dried potato puree is the core product of the company. Only premium-quality raw materials are used to make the puree; gentle processing and automated production process help preserve the original nutrient value. The high quality of the products is accounted for a rich experience and constant technological upgrade. Dried potato puree has a variety of applications. It is used across a wide range of food productions: in potato chips, pellets, mashed potatoes, dumplings, pelmeni, pancakes and premium-quality bread.

At present the company sells its dried puree to Belarusian enterprises (bakeries, producers of snacks and instant foods) and foreign partners, including Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic states, Poland, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Fermented and unfermented rye malt is the basis for making famous brands of malt loafs like Narochansky, Yubilyarny, Rodnikovy contributing to their great taste and flavour.

The company’s strong positions on the market are attributed to its determination to keep up with the time. This is why apart from producing standard equipment for vegetable dehydration, potato processing, ethanol and starch production, the company introduces technologies to manufacture non-standard equipment which helps to streamline the production process at every step of the technological cycle. The equipment produced by Mashpishcheprod has secured a competitive edge due to affordable prices, quality constituent parts and excellent performance. These factors account for a great demand for the company’s equipment both in Belarus and abroad.

Keeping in mind its number one priority – to assure 100% customer satisfaction – the company is constantly working on exploring new markets, expanding brand portfolio, boosting sales and increasing exports to such destinations as Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic states, Poland and Iran.


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