Belkofe offers a wide range of traditional coffee, roasted grain beverages, seasonings, sweet treats (powdered jelly, kisel) and cocoa powder toppings. Apart from that the company packages seasonings, food supplements (acidum citricum, gelatin, and yeast-powder), and instant coffee. The enterprise performs all the processing stages of the incoming raw ingredients.

Roasted coffee accounts for about 40% of the company’s output. We roast over 16 types of coffee. Coffee contains over 2,000 organic acids, essential oils, proteins, vitamins, including sugar and caffeine. Our many-years experience proved that good coffee can only be made from a well-balanced coffee blend. Coffee Premium is a blend of elite arabica coffee from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Guatemala and Colombia that exhibits a rich delicate taste with savoury undertones and long aftertaste. Coffee Classic is a traditional type of coffee with a mild aroma and slightly bitter taste which makes it a perfect breakfast treat. Coffee Medium is strong full-bodied and intensely aromatic coffee.

Roasted grain beverages are made from blending selected cereal grains. The most common ingredients include toasted barley, rye and oats. Caffeine-free beverages Zolotoy Kolos, Yachmenno-Lubitelsky, Luchisty and Osenny are suitable for children and people of advanced age. Roasted grain beverages are rich in vitamins and amino acids essential for a healthy life style. People suffering from hypotension can benefit from Yantarny, Narodny, Utro, and Surprise beverages that contain natural coffee.

Our kisels and jelly are made using classic homemade recipes. The basic ingredients include sugar, potato starch, gelatin and flavourings.

Our instant soups are an ideal option for those who have little free time. These savoury and healthy products are made of locally produced natural ingredients. Oatmeal, barley and pea cereals used in our instant soups contain a complex of essential nutrients that strengthen cardio-vascular system and reduce the level of cholesterol. An optimal balance of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins guarantees high nutritional value and stimulates the immune system.

Belkofe offers a wide variety of seasonings that enhance your favourite dishes and add a new taste to traditional foods.


2 Pushkina Street, Oshmyany, Grodno oblast, 231100, Belarus
Phone: (01593) 2-00-03, 2-27-10